Strategy Execution

Step 4: Implement

IMPLEMENT Strategy Execution 4

When it absolutely, categorically has to be done right. Without exception.

No matter how great a strategic plan may be, it has little to no value if it can’t be properly executed.

Often, consultants dream up bold but unrealistic strategies. Ones that will wow the board . But also ones that just cannot be executed when the reality of market conditions, resources and company politics come into play. This is because most consultants do not have to worry about the practicality of executing these ideas. That’s for your team to work out.

At Q&A, we deliver tangible outcomes.

By working in partnership with your internal project managers, we help you translate cutting-edge ideas into actionable project plans. To do this, we set up an appropriate project management office (PMO) structure, and maintain end-to-end project oversight of the agreed strategic plan. This way, your employees can focus on their core responsibilities whilst we keep the project moving forward.

By engaging our team to execute your strategy, you can also be rest assured that internal company politics do not interfere with project delivery. As an impartial third-party, our focus is to streamline the execution process, reduce points of friction, and ensure milestones are hit.

Strategy Execution

Project Management Office Structure

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Q&A Team Responsibilities

We will be responsible for setting up a PMO specific to the needs of your strategic plan, and the resources you have available. We will maintain project oversight throughout the process, from inception to delivery.

The Senior Consultant acts as a counsel to the PMO lead. Normally this would be your COO, or similar. They will be in charge of setting up the PMO team structure and core responsibilities. In partnership with the PMO lead (e.g. COO), they will have oversight of the entire project and the team.

The Consultant acts as the lead Project Manager (PM). They oversee your PM’s and manage the overall workflow. They are responsible for the master project execution plan and deliverables.
The Project Managers are your dedicated project management team. They would oversee project deliverables and establish critical milestones and timelines. They will work closely with the workstream leads on project governance and delivery.
The Workstream Leads report into the relevant Project Manager and are accountable for the delivery of key milestones to given timetables. They are normally a business unit employee.
The Supporting Team Members comprise key project infrastructure and support partners. They would be team representatives from key functions who would act as ‘enablers’ to the workstreams. They offer essential ‘back end’ process inputs to the Workstream Leads to assist them in the delivery of their milestones.

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How can we help?

Need some advice on a new business challenge? Or, want some insights to support your strategic plan? We are ready to chat.

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