The first e-commerce platform that puts the consumers’ shopping experience of:

the best individual product fit at the core of its services and operations.

We build the search-engine for online shopping.

We are the first entrance point for customers to experience a convenient, informative and trustworthy online shopping experience.  

Venture Purpose



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E-Commerce Platform (B2C / B2B) | Cross-Category

Marketplace & Search Engine revenue model

Empower the customers’ Purchase Decision Making Process along the shopping experience (Customer Journey).

Increase the retailers’ Product Performance from development to marketing and sales (Product Journey).

Collect richer data on customer shopping motivations and search parameters.

Create advanced data on product properties and application clusters.

Match, Rank and Present search results with high accuracy towards personalised needs and expectations.

Turn Data into Value


Online shopping is easy. But the process of finding the right products is rather complicated, misleading, time consuming and often leads to frustration. And most important, price isn’t by far the only “experience factor” that defines the consumers‘ value perception, satisfaction and loyalty.

When it comes to online purchasing, consumers today commonly state and share the same challenges and problems along their shopping journey. 

An overwhelming pool of options with a corresponding lack of:

These issues are the dominant reason behind consumers’ reluctance towards online purchasing activities and therefor directly motivate consumers to fulfil their buying needs at stationary retail outlets.

E-Commerce  in Numbers

We build the shopping platform that meets and addresses consumers right at the beginning of their shopping journey.

The friendly and trustworthy face you meet when entering a store. The helping hand that informs you about options, asks the right questions and understands your needs. The good feeling within shopping.

Service & Assistance

Our shopping platform digitalises the knowledge and the process of an expert’s sales talk.

We guide the consumer through the jungle of online product offers, help in the identification of individual needs and lead the way to the best fit between personal demand and product properties.

Information & Experience

Our shopping platform is a source for inspiration and information to explore products that correspond to lifestyles, activities and events.

We give recommendations to customers to complete their shopping trip at one place, show tutorials on product usage and provide signals of quality and trust.

Technology enhances opportunities. Digitalisation changes behaviours. But the value of service and support remains consistent. 

We believe that targeting consumers right at the beginning of their customer journey is the most valuable stage that has yet not been captured to the extend of technological and creative opportunities. We believe that our platform services can change the consumers’ approach and habits in online shopping.

All it takes

Do you believe that a truly convenient and entertaining shopping experience leads to higher consumer online purchasing motivations?
Do you believe that a better structured and more precise product presentation leads to higher basket volumes and conversion rates?
Do you believe in the opportunities of making the consumers’ decision making process the unique selling proposition of an e-commerce platform?

If so, get in contact with us and join our passion and ambitions for the future of e-commerce.

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Interested in further details about our platform project?

Continue to scroll this page and get a brief insight on the value proposition to consumers and sellers, the underlying core concept of data management, snapshots of the platform products as well as an introduction about the people steering the project.


Every great love story begins with a smile.

Every online purchase starts with the search-bar.

So let’s build a shopping search-bar that makes you fall in love with.
Our shopping platform combines Data Technology with Consumer Psychology to provide a shopping experience of confident decision making and joyful entertainment.


Intelligence is not the ability to store information, but to know where to find it.

Successful decision making relies on the quality and completeness of information you access.

So let’s build a place of information that collects data and transforms it into intelligence that empowers the consumers’ purchase decision making. 

Our shopping platform acts as an e-commerce search engine that assists consumers in defining individual search parameters and matches those with extended product properties.


A platform relies on technology. Its success is driven by content. We build platform tools and content that derives from our core product principles: Assistance, Curation & Trust.


Founder / Project Lead

Christoph Lucas Jansa

Concept & Venture Development

„Seeing opportunities and seeking to advance on them.“

Seeing opportunities and seeking to advance on them.