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Unlike many of our competitors who focus on a narrow service offering, Quinlan & Associates helps you navigate each and every step of the strategic value chain through our end-to-end consulting services: from brainstorming the company’s direction in a facilitated workshop to monetising a strategic plan using cutting-edge pitch material.

End-to-End Strategy Offering

We understand our clients want more than just a consultant: they want a long-term business partner.

By delivering end-to-end solutions, we are able to provide our clients with an unmatched level of clarity, consistency and value in their strategic decision-making process.




We believe the first step in developing any good corporate strategy is for a company to understand its own strategic objectives.

To support this process, we offer facilitated workshops for senior executives and next-generation company leaders. Our experience has shown these workshops to be an effective means to drive employee ownership and engagement, while ensuring strategy remains a business-led concept (and not an idea formulated from an ivory tower).

How are our strategy workshops organised?

What includes our involvement?




When a company has developed a strong understanding of its strategic objectives through a facilitated workshop, Quinlan & Associates can be engaged for our comprehensive range of strategy consulting services.

From corporate strategy development and M&A to new market entry and organisational design, our consultants have completed projects across a full-suite of high-profile topics.

Once engaged, we will be in a position to advise you with a clear understanding of your current business performance, where you want to go and how you intend to get there, allowing us to provide focused advice that is reflective of your company’s specific needs, wants and resource limitations.

Which topics are in the development included?

What outcomes and objectives are to be expected?



Business Case

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not walk away from your business once we have developed your strategy.

As consultants with extensive industry experience, we understand that effecting strategic change requires the approval of the company’s senior management or Board of Directors, given projects will need to meet minimum internal hurdle rates (e.g. ROI targets). More often than not, a formal business case will be required.






At Quinlan & Associates, we translate cutting-edge strategic ideas into tangible outcomes for clients through our strategy execution services. Our team will work in partnership with your internal project managers to set up an appropriate project management office (PMO) structure while maintaining end-to-end project oversight of an agreed strategic plan.

By engaging our consultants to oversee your projects, your employees can get back to adding value by focusing on their core responsibilities. Moreover, as externally-hired project managers, we remain impartial to internal company politics, which can help streamline the execution process and reduce internal friction. With an extensive track record of successful delivery, you can also rest assured that your projects will run smoothly and to your target milestones.






At Quinlan & Associates, our customised management reporting tools allow our clients to better track their strategic objectives and performance, as well as identify future opportunities within their industry.

We have considerable experience taking bland and hard-to-interpret reports and making them engaging, insightful and valuable.

Our management reports are specifically designed to answer the ‘so what?’ for your business and help senior executives in their daily decision-making. We do this by identifying the most relevant metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for your specific business. Our core focus is on making data easy to interpret, while highlighting key trends and identifying future opportunities.






A critical part of having a successful strategy is the ability to effectively communicate it.

While many organisations recognise the importance of communicating their strategy, most struggle to get this part of the equation right.  More often than not, key stakeholders are left with little-to-no understanding of what the company’s strategy really is.

Our presentation material provides our clients with a powerful means by which to improve staff engagement and retention, increase shareholder confidence and drive customer loyalty.






Successful execution of a strategy depends upon a workforce which is provided with world-class corporate training. The most effective training requires the audience to be engaged, by utilising both novel and tried-and-tested training techniques, and the most up-to-date industry-specific content.

Our world-renowned corporate training provides our clients with relevant topics and impactful delivery to enhance employee engagement and knowledge retention.






We understand the key to having a good strategy is the ability to effectively monetise it.

At Quinlan & Associates, our innovative pitch material helps our clients to generate tangible returns on their strategic ambitions. We produce a number of different pitches for our clients, largely depending on where their company is in its growth cycle.




How do they work?

Strategy workshops can be as short as half a day or run over multiple days, depending on the specific needs and requirements of each client. They are typically structured in a way that allows a company to answer its 3 most important strategic questions:

1: Where are we now?

A critical first step before developing any strategic objectives should be for a company to truly understand its status quo. This would usually involve:

2: Where do we want to be?

A critical first step before developing any strategic objectives should be for a company to truly understand its status quo. This would usually involve:

3: How do we get there?

After a company’s strategy has been formulated and its strategic initiatives identified, it is critical for the organisation to effectively execute and track its objectives. This will involve:

What do we do?

To ensure strategy workshops run smoothly and deliver maximum value, we involve ourselves from start to finish in the process:

1: Agenda Development

We work with senior stakeholders to customise an agenda that best suits their company’s needs. This not only includes the overall format of the workshop, but also the identification of key focus topics and the preparation of group exercises.

2: Material Preparation

We work with relevant company stakeholders to prepare all relevant workshop material, including supporting research and analysis. By doing so, discussion topics remain well-targeted and reflect our clients’ key priorities.

3: Facilitation of Discussions

We act as an impartial moderator/facilitator during workshops to encourage an interactive environment and ensure discussions between workshop participants remain respectful, valuable and on point.

4: Action Plan Identification

At the end of the workshop we make it a priority to outline key next steps and develop a robust action plan for the organisation. This involves identifying relevant deliverables, accountable parties and delivery timelines.


Strategy Development

We have extensive experience advising companies on their strategy development. We can articulate and define your company’s strategy at the group, business-unit and country-level, supporting your objectives with robust financial planning and analysis.

Organisational Strategy

Our consultants have experience advising small-to-medium enterprises and blue chip companies on their organisational strategy, including organisational design, regulatory positioning, corporate governance and talent management.

Merge & Acquisitions

We provide world-class M&A consulting services for clients looking to acquire or merge with another firm. This includes target screening and valuation, financial and strategic due diligence, as well as post-merger integration planning.

Revenue Growth

We can help you identify key revenue gaps and opportunities for your organisation. This can include organic or inorganic growth planning, as well as new market entry strategy. Our advice centres on targeting optimum revenue pools against your company’s core capabilities and resource constraints.

Cost Reduction

We can help to streamline your company’s cost base to improve your bottom line. Our strategy consulting services include tactical cost minimisation strategies, structural cost reduction strategies and optimising your procurement and supply chain processes.

Sales & Distribution

Our sales and distribution consulting services help our clients to understand their latest customer insights, optimise their client coverage models, and develop appropriate customer segmentation and client management strategies.

Industry Analytics

We are committed to helping our clients better understand the environment in which they operate through smart data analytics. Our services include market and industry analysis, competitor benchmarking, revenue pool sizing and client wallet analysis.

Product Strategy

We have considerable expertise advising companies on their product strategy, with projects covering product development & design, product segmentation, pricing and identifying appropriate marketing channels.

IT & Operations

Our IT & Operations strategy consulting services cover a number of key back-end and technology issues, including process re-engineering, target operating model setup, operational platform streamlining, as well as IT and CRM Strategy.

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