Career Path at Q&A



At Quinlan & Associates, we offer 3 distinct career paths:

  • Consultants
  • Research Analysts
  • Subject Matter Experts
Skills & Values


Consultants represent our core advisory team and are responsible for engaging directly with clients on the firm’s project work and driving our output and recommendations.
Your specific position in our consulting team will reflect a mix of your qualifications, experience and capabilities.

Consultants typically join us straight out of university, having graduated with a strong bachelors or masters degree. Under senior guidance, they are responsible for delivering a specific workstream of a project, such as industry and competitor analysis or conducting interviews with key market players.
Senior Consultants usually have a few years of experience and are responsible for working on two or more project workstreams at a time, leveraging their well-honed research and analysis skills. They are able to formulate new insights and deliver crisp outputs with minimal guidance.
Associates typically have an MBA or advanced degree with a few years of experience and cover multiple workstreams of a project. They also help to prepare storyboards with more senior members of the team. Associates are able to work unsupervised and are considered a ‘go to’ person for client queries.
Engagement Managers have several years of experience in private practice and/or industry and are responsible for overseeing an entire project from start to finish, including leading and developing the project team. They are the key client contact point and are considered the project’s subject matter experts.
Principals are the firm’s next-generation Partners. They are specialists in their chosen fields and are regarded as thought leaders by our clients. Principals oversee multiple projects and focus their time on business development, mentoring and building long-lasting client relationships.

Partners are the leaders and culture carriers of our firm. They are seen as thought leaders in their chosen industry and are at the forefront of shaping our clients’ strategic direction. Partners are responsible for building our business, including our client network and consulting teams.

Research Analysts

We are committed to being at the forefront of innovative thinking in the financial services industry and want our research to fundamentally shape the way our clients think about their business.

We are always on the lookout for talented research analysts with a strong background in financial services to contribute to our thought leadership publications. Applicants with an advanced degree in economics or finance and experience working as an economist, equity research analyst or finance-focused academic will be looked upon favourably.

Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts have deep functional, industry or technical expertise – from supply chain management, risk and regulation to hedge funds, education and technology.

Subject matter experts work closely with our consultants in providing valuable insights and enriching our advice to clients during projects. They are seen as our internal ‘go to’ experts and may work simultaneously on multiple projects where their expertise is required.