Our Difference

Distinct. Individual. Independent.

We aim to do things differently and challenge the traditional recruitment model.

As a small and nimble business, we are able to make decisions that are in the best interest of our clients with minimal bureaucracy and internal politics. This autonomy ensures our ways of working can be what the industry needs today, not what the industry has morphed over time.

There are 10 distinct ways we differentiate ourselves from the competition. Each one, we believe, is pivotal to our ability to deliver you the most authentic, accurate and unbiased advice.

Points of Difference:


We are the first firm to offer end-to-end strategy consulting services. From strategy formulation to execution, to ongoing reporting and communications, we translate cutting-edge advice into commercially executable solutions across the entire strategy value chain.


Our consultants do not hold Directorship positions that could give rise to a conflict of interest. As such, our advice is always objective and unbiased. We are happy to deliver difficult messages if we believe it’s the best advice for your organisation.


We deliver results that you can actively measure and track. We focus our attention on identifying relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) while establishing appropriate milestones and implementation trackers to gauge your performance.


All of our projects are led by a senior and highly experienced team, giving clients access to the right level of dialogue and expertise. We will also engage the firm’s broader consulting team (including its subject matter experts) when needed to give you the best insights for your given situation.


We don’t believe in one-off projects. We focus on developing long-term, strategic partnerships with all of our clients by engaging with them across the entire spectrum of the strategy value chain. We always have our clients’ long-term business interests at heart.


We don’t believe in hypothesis-led inductive reasoning and upfront conclusions. While we will always have ingoing views, we believe the most valuable recommendations are derived from fact-based deductive reasoning, supported by robust, data-driven analysis.


Our output always remains clear and to the point. Rather than providing you with endless ’30,000 feet’ ideas that are irrelevant and lack concrete deliverables, we provide actionable advice tailored to each individual client, supported by comprehensive execution plans.


All of our consultants have considerable industry and in-house experience, particularly in financial services. As such, we have a sound understanding of the companies we advise and a commercial acumen that many of our competitors lack.


As consultants, we understand a lot of our clients want access to data, whether it be on their industry, competitors or customers. All of our proprietary data is extensively validated through our industry sources, while assumptions, methodologies and estimates are clearly explained.


Our competitive pricing reflects our low operational overheads and a strong focus on cost control in every project: we minimise unnecessary travel costs by leveraging modern communications technology and acquire 3rd party data on a needs-only basis.