Venture Building
Value Design
Business Strategy
Consultancy | Berlin

We identify business opportunities
in the context of business model innovations, digital transformations and socio-ecological responsibilities.
We capture business value
in the form of consumer-centric product concepts and strong marketing and sales strategies.

What we do:

We consult founders, executives and project managers in evaluating and executing business decisions regarding new venture creations, market expansions, and product diversifications.


With our holistic business design approach, we offer an innovative and conclusive methodology to understand and link markt opportunities, customer needs, process implementations and resource capacities in a dependent and synergistic relationship to each other.


From the emergence and validation of ideas up to their potential of and alignment to market desirability, operational feasibility and economic viability, our consulting services build the back- and frontend of successful venture architecture and value-chain design.


We guide and support the total product-lifecycle and market launch process, including design and engineering developments, supply-chain and procurement management, brand identity and communication signals, as well as customer acquisition and retention activities.

Conclusively, we enable our partners a systematic and effective framework for:

From sketchbook to spreadsheet to shopping shelf

Investigate, Iterate & Implement

Insight to Impact:

Deriving from market insights, business intelligence and product creativity, we transform ideas into actions and turn opportunities into objectives.

In our holistic business design process, we guide and support our partners along three consulting key stages:

Stage | 1 

Discover opportunities

We research and analyse external business ecosystems and market forces that affect current business models.

From technological advancements to capital flows and consumer behaviours, we decode market conditions and extract the opportunities and threats that emerge subsequently.

We identify internal assets and analyse their strengths and weaknesses according to their utilisation of business value and unexploited potential.

From finance to culture, we provide comprehensive insights on organisational vitality and capacity to complete.

Stage | 2 

Set foundation & objectives

With our business model design services, we transform obtained insights into forceful business impact. Desirability, feasibility and viability – we identify and unite the value drivers behind organisational and operational processes, strategic formations, and supporting partnerships.

In our business planing services, we compose, organise and calculate the operative and strategic venture goals, the methods and actions for attaining those goals, and which resources, namely people, investments and time, those goals require.

Our plans serve the monitoring of internal milestones and their progression as well as the communication to external government entities, financial stakeholders and network partners.

Stage | 3 

Implement & measure results

With our product & service developments, we support our clients in designing, engineering and sourcing market offers that fulfil real customer needs and solve problems with innovation and creativity.

From a prototype stage to MVP and market release, we are fully dedicated to creating products that fit to markets, consumers and economic profitability alike.


We assist ventures in formatting and creating distinctive and appealing storylines of their brand.

From look & feel to visuals and values, we support ventures in communicating a consistent and recognisable message to the internal culture and external markets.

We support all actions of positioning, promoting and distributing market offers to a target audience in a real-life and digital environment. Our services include the strategic planing and active realisation of marketing campaigns, fulfilment processes and sales-channel allocations.

Our Focus Fields:

We constantly keep our curiosity on emerging trends and break-through innovations on the supply and demand side. In this way, we find the right measure at the right time to sustain and gain venture success.


Technological Advancement

Technology advancements, being incremental or disruptive, will continue to shape the habits and tools how humans and corporations organise and conduct tasks, design and optimise processes, and communicated with each other. 

We seek for opportunities and capabilities that emerge from these innovations and how they can be applied to increase consumer benefits as well as being embedded into new business models and product offers.


Growth on a healthy environment

We are strongly dedicated to the impact business operations and industry supply-chains have on environmental health and societal well-being.

People, Planet & Profit – From practical measures like the choice of sustainable materials and the involvement with certified supply partners up to superior levels of ESG commitments and circular economy concepts, we are constantly chasing for best practice and performance on all three dimensions of an organisation’s bottom line.


From search to check-out

We have a strong focus on conceptualising and building the total customer journey in a digital retail environment. 

We are closely following the trends and emerging opportunities of optimising the sales funnel performance, search visibility and user experience, including platform design, product display enhancement, payment gateways and on-site customer experience.

Marketing & Sales

Gain & retain attention

With our design & development services, we support our clients in launching products and services that achieve efficacy in product-to-market fit and economic profitability. From sketchbook to spreadsheet to shopping shelf – we cover the whole cycle of product design and development, supply-chain management, marketing campaigns, and sales funnel activities.